Our high-pressure Dynamic Waterjet cutting system propels a mixture of water and abrasive sand at 60,000 psi.  The Dynamic Technology automatically tilts the waterjet head to the side, as needed, in order to eliminate taper and stream lag. The maximum cutting area is 11' 11" x 6' 10".  With an accuracy of +/- .0015 per 3 feet, the waterjet can cut through thicknesses up to 7" with speed and precision.

It is a high-energy cutting tool capable of etching and cutting mild steel, Hardox, AR, stainless steel and many nonmetallic materials such as composites, granite, paper, plastics and wood products.  The cut edges are very smooth and often don’t need any sanding post-cut.  Waterjet cutting will complete custom single parts or can precisely create multiple pieces cleanly and efficiently.