Jumbo U Dehairer Models 58, 59 & 60

The Sperling “Boss” U-Bar hog dehairer is a “Boss” innovation. Present models incorporate all the advantages which have been devised through the intervening years by the “Boss” staff and industry hog dehairing specialists. They are built in various sizes and capacities to meet plant requirements.

The machine frame, U-Bars are of heavy cast iron construction, smooth inside to prevent accumulation of corrosive scurf and moisture. 

Jumbo style dehairers are equipped with two scraper shafts and furnished with cast iron control door.

The clutch arrangement is provided to stop the feed in conveyor without having to stop the dehairer. Four way steel platform with hand rail furnished on one side of dehairer. Drive furnished is the multiple roller chain type.

Spray pipe with valve and a fresh water spray for discharge end is included. Hair conveyor under the unit is driven from dehairer drive, and can be arranged to discharge at either end of unit. Dehairers come complete with stainless steel sound insulated doors.

Available Options:

  • Fabricated Hot Water Box Screw Type Hair Removal
  • Hydraulic Shaft Mounted Drives Electric Shaft
  • Mounted Drives Water Recirculation Pumps Infeed
  • Conveyor Installation and Start Up Services
  • Stainless Steel Platform Gambreling Conveyor

The “Boss” Jumbo Two Way Dehairer is designed to meet the most severe and exacting conditions to be found in the packing house.

Because these machines are built in sections they can be used for capacities ranging from 200 to 1200 hogs per hour, with higher capacities being achieved via dual slaughter lines. The unit consists of two sections of Jumbo U-Bar Dehairer, one having the scraper shafts running in one direction, while the scraper shafts of the other section run in counter direction. While passing through the first section, the hogs are rotated and thoroughly cleaned. When they enter the second section, the belt scrapers, running in the opposite direction from those in the first section, cause the hogs to be reversed in their rotation and they are given a final finishing scrape from the other direction.