Sperling designs and manufactures complete rail cooler systems. Some specific features are overhead conveyors to move sides to the coolers, manual or hydraulic divert switches to load rails and automatic switches to empty the cooler rails.

Rails can be operated manually or can be equipped with our unique walking beam system for automatic loading and unloading of individual rails. Walking beam systems provide powered forward motion in the rails for improved working conditions and food safety considerations.

Sperling utilizes flat steel track systems for moving hog and beef carcasses through the slaughter floor, chill cooler, and into the processing rooms. Each system is designed to meet the customer’s specific needs:

  • Rails
  • Switches
  • Conveyor chains with pusher attachments
  • Overhead support steel
  • Walking beams can be provided with control packages for auto feed to rails, based on plant requirements

Our equipment includes innovative indexing and PLC automated controls to monitor and track movement of carcasses. Our manufacturing capabilities can be executed in black, galvanized and/or stainless steel construction.