Commercial Stacking Doors

With virtually no size limitation our commercial stacking doors are ideal for any aircraft hangar and commercial or manufacturing building, including those for the largest aircraft built today.

Depending on building layout and width of opening required, our commercial stacking doors are available in a variety of opening configurations. The panels can open all to one side or from the center out to both sides. Although the doors are electrically operated, if needed, they can also be opened and closed manually.

A small overhead or bi-fold door can be installed above the center panel(s) of the stacking doors to accommodate the tail section of larger aircraft.

The panels are available with a variety of insulation packages, windows and walk-in service doors. To help reduce winter heat loss, one panel can be opened to bring in the service truck or snow clearing equipment.

We provide complete service from engineering and manufacturing, in our CWB certified fabrication facility, to installation and service anywhere in the world.