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Sperling, MB
Sperling Industries Ltd.
51 Station St., P.O. Box 100
Sperling, Manitoba R0G 2M0
Ph. 204.626.3401
Fax 204.626.3252
Toll Free 1.877.626.3401

For more specific inquiries at the Sperling, MB location:

Purchasing: Lorne Cox 204.626.3401 or

Shipping / Receiving: Al Rowe 204.750.1572 or

Plate Line, Angle Line, or Beam Line Processing: Adam Nicolajsen 204.626.3401 or

Beef and Pork Processing: Warren Nordquist 204.626.3401 or


Sperling Industries U.S.A. Inc.
2420 ā€œZā€ Street Omaha, NE 68107
Ph. 402.556.4070
Fax 402.556.2927
Toll Free 800.647.5062

For more specific inquiries contact:

Warren Nordquist 204.626.3401 or